Zuidam Cassis Liqueur


Cassis Liqueur

This Crème de Cassis is a natural liqueur made from the finest black currants available.

These berries are ground together with alcohol, after which they are infused for several weeks. After this period of extraction, the ground berries are scooped onto a cloth to separate the extract from the fruit pulp. This is stretched over a tank and the extract sinks through the cloth into the tank, while the pulp remains on the cloth. The pulp is still pressed in a wooden fruit press and the juice is added to the extract. After all this work, a beautiful dark red, almost black colored extract has emerged that forms the basis for this purely natural Crème de Cassis. It goes without saying that no fragrances, colors or flavors are added to this liqueur. This is also not necessary because the blackcurrants already give off the taste and color that a top liqueur needs.

You can enjoy this liqueur pure or mixed with a sparkling wine (Kir Royal) or a white wine (Kir). You can also serve it excellently over ice cream or use it in other ways in desserts and pastries.


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