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Alberta Pure Vodka (40% abv)

Clear, water-like; clean, neutral with some sweet notes; long finish with some heat.

Burwood Distillery Vodka

Distilled from 100% Alberta 2-row single malt barley and lightly charcoal filtered. An ever so light graininess adds a welcome note of complexity. This follows with a mild sweetness, derived from specialty yeast fruity esters produced through a slow fermentation. Exceptionally clean and smooth. This is the base spirit for our currently ageing single malt whiskey, but we finish this version as a mild vodka to truly showcase the depth and beauty of single malt 2-row barley grown by Alberta Farmers and malted by Rahr Malting in Alix, AB. (40.0% ABV)

Confluence Headwater Vodka (40% abv)

We distil using refreshing glacial waters and family grown Prairie Spring Red Wheat, taking only the purest hearts of the distillation. Some of the best grains in the world are found right here in Alberta, which create some incredible tasting notes in a Vodka.

The Red Wheat does something special – it gives our Vodka a subtle sweetness, a creamy texture and ensures no unwanted lingerings of impurities after a sip. In other words: no hangovers.

Headwater Vodka also has a subtle scent of Banana and Vanilla on the nose, with some palates noticing an aftertaste of butterscotch and cherry.

Confluence Vinland Aquavit (50% abv)

Aquavit is a classic celebration liquor from the Scandinavian regions. Our award-winning aquavit is named Vinland, the viking name for Canada.

Our aquavit has over 15 spices and herbs contributing to it’s complex palate. Made from high-quality spirit, the mainstay flavours are caraway, dill and fennel giving it light liquorice notes and a herbaceous body. Often used as a digestive, this clear spirit is traditionally drunk straight, but has recently become more popular as a cocktail base. We recommend using it for your Caesars, spiked lemonade, or a spicy citrus cocktail like our original Finger Guns cocktail.

Cruxx Grain Alcohol 190 Proof (95 % abv)

Cruxx is a high-proof grain spirit made from 100% Wheat by Highwood Distillers of High River, Alberta. It is 95% ABV or 190 proof and classified as a rectified spirit.

A rectified spirit or rectified alcohol is highly concentrated ethanol (drinking alcohol) which has been purified by means of repeated distillation, a process that is called rectification. Rectified spirits are used in mixed drinks, in the production of liqueurs, for medicinal purposes, and as a household solvent. Spiritus is a rectified or refined spirit composed of 95% ethanol alcohol. The spirit is traditionally mixed with herbs and fruits to produce fruit brandies and other liqueurs.

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Crystal Head Vodka Aurora

Aurora uses high quality English wheat and pristine water from Newfoundland, Canada to craft an additive-free vodka. The vodka is five times distilled and filtered seven times. Three of the filtrations pass through layers of Herkimer diamonds as our final distinctive touch.

Instead of exploring different flavours, Aurora was crafted using a different grain. It offers a drier, bolder, and spicier vodka while staying true to the Crystal Head house-style. The bottle, with its delicate and iridescent metallized finish, is our tribute to this natural wonder of the world.

Eau Claire Three Point Vodka

The sweet aroma has hints of caramel, vanilla and grain. The flavour is buttery, with a moderate smooth finish.

Gantous & Abou Raad Arak (50% abv)

Gantous production involves the use of the best grapes, the choice of premium aniseeds, the repeated distillation process and aging before bottling. All these are features that distinguish Arak Gantous & Abou Raad and ensure its good taste and smoothness.

Grey Goose Vodka (40% abv)

Medium-bodied. Anise, citrus peel, herbs, minerals. Soft, rounded texture. Plush palate with a delicate edge. Shows off rich fruit elements surrounded by beautiful aromatics. A sensational, elegant drink.

Haku Japanese Craft Vodka (40% abv)

The name Haku does not merely means “white” but celebrates the origin and the craft of this Premium Japanese Vodka.

The naming Haku pays tribute to its origin “Hakumai”- 100% pure Japanese white rice, and craft of mastering a “Jyunpaku”, pure and brilliant Vodka carefully filtrated through bamboo charcoal for an unparalleled soft, round and subtly sweet taste.

Jinro Chamisul Fresh (17% abv)

Chamisul Fresh is Korea’s No. 1 soju brand. With a 7-step refinement process using active bamboo charcoal, the substance that causes hangovers is removed so only the fresh, clean finish remains. Feel clearheaded and ready for action when you wake up.
Chamisul Fresh uses only clean vegetable additives such as Finnish fruit sugar, known as a “healthy sugar,” and Tomatin, a protein sweetener extracted from the black seeds of katemfe grown in West Africa.

Jinro Chamisul Grapefruit Soju (13% abv)

Also known as Korean vodka, it has a very smooth taste. It’s a clear distilled liquor made from rice and the most popular type of alcoholic drink in Korea.

Soju is originally from Korea, where it was first distilled around the 14th century. Unlike vodka, soju has a natural hint of botanicals that can make for a smoother taste as opposed to vodka, which can sometimes come off as harsh at the end. It is also not only lower in calorie than vodka, but it is also lower in proof.

This grapefruit flavored soju is very fruity and smooth, making it one of the most popular flavors among flavored sojus. It’s a little sweeter and not as harsh as regular soju, with alcoholic content at 13%. A very enjoyable drink for any occasions.