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52nd Street Peach Ale – Brewsters Brewing Company (5% abv) 6 pack 355 ml cans

So popular it’s become a full time brew! This crisp refreshing blonde ale has just a touch of sweet peachy goodness.

Brauerei Fahr Kolsch-ish (4.8% abv) 6 pack 355 ml

Kölsch-ish is a clean, crisp, delicately-balanced beer with a very subtle fruit and hop character with a subdued maltiness throughout.
It has a pale straw colour and brilliant clarity.

Jasper Brewing Co. Crisp Pils (4.8% abv) 6 pack 355 ml cans

We are happy to share this true pilsner-style lager with you. Showcasing local malt from the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, it isn’t surprising that this beer is approachable, polite and apologetically hoppy. Sorry.

Last Best Brewing and Distilling Last Best IPA (6.5% abv) 6 pack 355ml

Taking a path less traveled, this newcomer to the IPA arena likes to court your taste buds with its flirty aromatics and its raw, unfiltered, approach to big balanced American style IPAs.

Showcasing the tropical and citrusy aromas of Mosaic hops, this unfiltered IPA delivers a lot of personality, character and flavour.

Last Best Brewing and Distilling Show Pony Aussie Pale Ale (5% abv) 6 pack 355 ml

A Pale Ale as complex as the city it’s brewed in, this is a standout sessionable Ale that Calgarians will be proud to claim. Enjoy vibrant notes of passionfruit, sweet citrus on the nose and floral hops that give the beer a slightly dry, bitter finish.

Lighthouse Brewing Company Shipwreck IPA (6.3% abv) 6 pack 355 ml cans

Shipwreck is a true West Coast- style, hop-forward IPA- with a little down-under to a T. Our unique combination of northern and southern hemisphere hops delivers a perfectly balanced beer.

Medicine Hat Brewing “Burnside Blood Orange” (4.5% abv) 6 pack 355 ml cans

The Burnside Blood Orange uses our Hatfield Blonde as the base and the addition of copious amounts of real blood orange puree. The end result is the perfect thirst quencher, one of Mitch’s mom’s favourites and we are sure A.P. Burns would be quite fond of it as well.

Medicine Hat Brewing “Industrial Ave IPA” (6.7% abv) 6 pack 355 ml cans

This IPA is made to satiate the self-proclaimed hophead. There are copious amounts of American style hops used in the brew kettle and dry hop additions to assault the senses with citric aromas and flavours. This beer boasts a 6.7% abv but the IBUs are one that we must claim as questionable because once you reach a certain point, IBUs are immeasurable without a spectrophotometer – Industrial Ave is in that range.

Medicine Hat Brewing Co. Creamsicle Ale (4.4% abv) 6 pack 355 ml cans

This crowd favourite is created with abundant amounts of real fruit purees. Taste the sun shine in every sip of the perfect summer quencher.

Nutrl Vodka Soda Grapefruit (5% abv) 6 pack 355 ml cans

No carbs. No sugar. No sweetener. No preservatives. No additives. Nütrl Vodka Soda is a wildly light, easy drinking, totally refreshing, sugar free, additive free, 5% alcohol, ready to drink, premium craft vodka soda. It’s the perfect change up from the usual sugary-sweet cooler or high calorie, super-filling beer.

Spectrum Beer Company “Hot Pink Lemonade Sour” (5% abv) 6 pack 355 ml cans

A light and refreshing introduction to sour beer. The Lemondrop hops and fresh lemons provide a delicious tartness that’s balanced by the addition of fresh raspberry juice.

Spectrum Beer Company Margarita Gose (5% abv) 6 pack 355ml cans

All the refreshing flavour of a classic margarita, without the nasty rum hangover. Brewed with fresh lime juice, salt and a little Belgian candied sugar (to replace the simple syrup in the cocktail), Margarita Gose is light, crisp and refreshing enough to remind you that, oh yeah, it’s time to book another Mexican vacation.