Amador Whiskey 10 Barrel Hop Whiskey (48% abv)


Sourced from pedigreed craft distillery in Anderson Valley, CA. 90% two-row barley whiskey + 10% craft IPA beer based whiskey. Aged in French oak for 2 1/2 years. Finished in Napa Cellars American + French oak for another 6 months. Bottled at 96 proof.

Amador Whiskey Co. believes in elevating the art of distilling to create premium spirits with an edge. This dedication to craft results in the unique taste experience of Amador’s limited release 10-Barrel Hop-Flavored whiskey. Aged in ten barrels over four years, this whiskey is a blend of 90% straight malt and 10% hop-infused whiskey distilled from craft IPA beer, resulting in a satisfying spirit that speaks to its origins.

Both elements are aged separately for over two years in French oak wine barrels before joining forces in Amador Whiskey Co.’s family Chardonnay barrels for another two years. And the taste changes whether enjoyed neat, over ice, or in a whiskey-based cocktail. Tasting neat will bring rich flavors of caramel, cloves and vanilla on the palate with an extra long finish. With a bit of ice, the hoppy IPA flavors are coaxed out, blending smoothly with those classic whiskey notes, perfect for hot summer days when an ice cold beer is the only thing on your mind.

This is a drink to take your time with, to savor the flavors that will only deepen with age. We recommend cellaring a case of this limited release, for enjoyment over the next 20 to 30 years.


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