Deerfield Ranch DRX Vintage


DRX color is deep, dark, and brilliant; a beautiful garnet. The nose is pure and clean right out of the bottle. After incorporating some air with swirls over many minutes the nose channels warm chocolate over violet pedals. The taste balloons out rapidly filling the palate with gently layered flavors of 72% cocoa, blackberries, and cedar cigar box. Waves of additional flavors develop gradually, rising to the top of your head, seamless and interwoven. It’s a big wine with grace. It’s bold without being ponderous. It opens and evolves with every sip through the whole bottle. The finish goes on forever. This DRX pairs well with a great variety of foods. We’ve had it with grilled dry rubbed Salmon and Porcini mushroom soup, besides that steak off the grill. It sings with our red reduction sauce and it is a complete and memorable experience all by itself.

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