Dewar’s 18 Year Old Scotch with Tin Giftbox (40% abv)


Dewar’s has been making whiskies of great age since the founder John Dewar first realized leaving his Scotch in wooden casks for longer made a real difference to the taste. And the 18-year-old Scotch continues to follow in the footsteps of his legacy. A precious dram, putting the whisky back into the cask to mature a second time after blending (double-aging), allows all of the older and characterful whiskies to get to know each other before they go into the bottle. With flavours that go hand in hand with an older whisky (nuttiness and marzipan to name just two), age doesn’t come without sacrifice as over half of the cask will evaporate during the aging process. Whilst the Angel’s enjoy their Share, what’s left behind is all you need to concern yourself with an amazing Scotch.


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