Don Mateo Mezcal Artesanal Pechuga (45% abv)


Don Mateo Mezcal is a unique and brand and new appellation not only in Alberta, but also in Canada as it’s the only Mezcal of its kind from the State of Michoacán in Mexico which is located in the center west of the Mexican Republic, on the extreme southwest of the central highlands.

Most of these Agaves are Wild and Organic, and, at the Don Mateo Distillery they practice a lot of biodynamic techniques. Mezcal Don Mateo is also part of the Bat-Friendly program/certification as bats are very important for the pollination of wild agave. These are also high altitude agave grown and located at 2,000 to 2,600 meters above the sea level.

Last but not least, these are brand new Agave varieties that are indigenous to the Michoacán Terroir, making Don Mateo a point of difference in the rest of this category in all 9 different Mezcal Appellations as almost 95% of Mezcals available in the province come from the Mexican State of Oaxaca (South). Mezcals from the State of Michoacán are often called: “The XO’s of Mezcals” due to their complexity notes and fine drinkability!

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Don Mateo Breast of Maguey Mezcal Don Mateo of breast of maguey ash, is a mezcal with special recipe where you add turkey breast, venison, dried fruits and spices. Within the still are placed various sacks with the ingredients permeating the vapors of the second distillation.

Cereal breezes, pineapple-lime citrus, Creamy body in the mouth, soft aftertaste, slight permanence in the

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