Fraser And Thompson Whiskey (42% abv)


I paid for months of meticulous market research that spanned six demographics, one backdoor social media source, and an up-and-coming hacker who specializes in end-to-end encryption. The Fraser & Thompson launch was going to be brilliant. Flawless. Everyone was going to want this, need this, and drink it like it’s the liquid version of Ed Sullivan announcing The Beatles. You know where our launch party was going to be? The gardens of Champs-Élysées. But there are no gardens of Champs-Élysées! That’s just a street in Paris, but the Mayor was going to build the gardens for this launch. I was going to win awards! Mais, non. Monsieur Michael “5 Grammys isn’t enough. I want my own whiskey.” Bublé tells us to launch the campaign early, like he’s ordering a meatball sandwich from room service. So here it is, folks. Under construction, still buffering, and with the best voice in contemporary music telling us, “Easy, now, the whiskey speaks for itself.” Thanks, Michael. Sorry we interrupted your beauty sleep between world tour venues.

Let’s cut to the chase, this isn’t your grandpa’s whiskey. If you’re looking for a drink with so much bite you need an antidote on standby to have a glass, easy now, this isn’t it.

Fraser & Thompson is an elegantly blended North American whiskey crafted in Bardstown, KY by Master Distiller, Paul Cirka. Paul hand-selects the American oak barrels to blend and create a distinct flavor profile of sweet fig and blood orange. A subtle finish of caramel and vanilla (and just a hint of spice), round out the flavor to make Fraser & Thompson the most elegantly approachable whiskey on the market. As for that signature smoothness, legend has it that Michael Bublé personally sings to each oak barrel, imbuing them with his velvety charm.

For pairings, we find that Fraser & Thompson goes best with a comfortable chair, slippers, some take-out, and a silenced phone. If you must wear a bow-tie (we admit that we’re suckers for them) make sure it’s undone.

Most importantly, sit back and enjoy. After all, Monday comes for us all.

Easy, now.


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