GAJA Grappa di Barbaresco


The GAJA Grappa di Barbaresco is made with Nebbiolo sourced from the Gaja family vineyards which have an average age of 45 years. The fresh pomace from the wine (the solid remains of the grape – skins, pulp, seeds and stems of the fruit) is immediately distilled after fermentation ends. Distillation happens slowly in order to conserve all of the varietal characteristics and aromas of the pomace. The alcohol vapours are then funnelled into a distillation column as the pomace is slowly warmed and the distillate is divided into 3 parts, the head, the heart and the tail. The Grappa di Barbaresco is obtained by selecting the heart, i.e. the middle part of the distillation, and discarding the head and tail. At the start of this process, the Grappa has an alcohol content of 70-75°. Before bottling, distilled water is added to bring the Grappa to 42% ABV. Bright clear and crispy with aromas of ripe dried fruit. The beautifully integrated palate has warm spicy notes and a long lingering finish.


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