Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI Straight Bourbon(Limited Edition)(50% abv)

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Ross & Squibb Distillery has announced the release of Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI, the sixth annual offering of the distillery’s limited edition straight bourbon whiskey.

Created by Master Distiller Ian Stirsman and his team of Master Distillers and Master Blenders, Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI is compromised of five bourbons, aged since 2008-2014 for between 8-14 years, from its 175 year old Lawrenceburg, Indiana distillery. Made in a signature high-rye style, the medley changes each year, allowing Stirsman and his team to experiment with their various mash bills and aged reserves. Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI is comprised of 2% 2008 Bourbon (21% Rye), 17% 2012 Bourbon (36% Rye), 27% 2012 Bourbon (21% Rye), 29% 2014 Bourbon (21% Rye) and 25% 2014 Bourbon (36% Rye).

Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI is described as having aromas of “rich candied fruit with a hint of nutmeg and saddle leather.” The palate has notes of “candied fruit and fig jam, followed by oak and barrel char, mint and slight caramel, nutmeg, toffee and honey.” It concludes with “a balance of sweet candied fruit and leather, with lingering sweetness and rye spice” on the finish.


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