Shelter Point Montfort Whisky (46% abv)


Named after Barrett Montfort, the founder of the Shelter Point farm, Montfort is a special field-to-flask whisky. This whisky literally has its roots in this beautiful land. A true single grain whisky, made from 100% barley, Montfort is grown, distilled and bottled entirely in one location. Each of the fields on the farm have specific soil classifications and different proximities to the sea and the forests. These micro regions produce barley grown in different ways, each with distinctive and unique flavor profiles. The outcome is a whisky of depth, subtlety and complexity.

Tasting Notes:

On the nose Montfort is light, floral and fruity. The palate is full of honey and raisins, with a creamy mouthfeel. The finish is long, enriched with spice, fudge and oak, making Montfort a beautifully rounded premium single grain whisky experience.

Shelter Point Single Grain Batch Whisky Facts:

Still: Copper wash and spirit stills by Forsyth’s
Base: 100% UNMALTED BC barley
Distillation: Double Distilled
Natural colour and non-chill filtered
Bottled at 46% abv
Bottle Size: 750ml
Shelter Point Distillery

At Shelter Point, we are distilling and bottling some of the most exciting single malt whiskies made anywhere. For the last decade, our 100% Canadian take on single malt whisky has been a game-changer, raising eyebrows and glasses while winning accolades and the respect and admiration of some of the world’s leading whisky writers and aficionados.

Our sole focus is on the execution of the finest expressions of single malt whisky for you to enjoy. We employ a traditional approach: slow fermentations and double-distillation produce a new-make spirit full of flavour, ready for maturation in an array of woods selected from around the world for their unique flavour specialties. Sitting on the edge of the ocean in our unique setting in northern Vancouver Island, the spirit interacts with the elements as much as with the wood.


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