Shelter Point Smoke Point Single Malt Whisky (53% abv)


Smoke Point single malt whisky is a proprietary vatting of whisky that has been aged in barrels smoked with driftwood from our shore and native woods found around the distillery. The rich smoky flavours carry a salty tang and hint of iodine from the seaweed and salt on the driftwood that balances perfectly with the sweet creamy mouthfeel of this award-winning whisky.

Tasting Notes:

Experience campfire, cigar smoke and oak on the nose. Chocolate, fruit, and toffee on the palette, finishing in a delicious combination of creme brulée and salty graham cracker. In Smoke Point we have created a whisky for you to enjoy that captures the spirit of the island campfire and brings the best of Vancouver Island to the canon of smoky, peaty whiskies.


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