Smoke Wagon Uncut Unfiltered Straight Bourbon Whiskey (57.66% abv)


We took the same vintage blending philosophy that we used to create Small Batch, except this time the goal was to create high proof bourbon that tasted its best neat. Uncut is so rich and sweet with an unbelievably thick mouth feel, the heat and rye spice finish are a welcome addition. It’s like milk with cookies!

Tasting Notes

Nose: Rich and spirited caramel greeting. This warm welcoming is joined by complimentary notes of rye grain, gentle cinnamon, orange rind, and a shade of ginger that weaves itself throughout. It’s not as potent as you’d expect given the proof, but instead is nicely developed and presents itself with confidence. It rounds out with a touch of summer fruit and an inkling of sweet oak

Palate: A whirlwind of sweet, fruity, and dark flavors hit all at once. Sweet caramel, combined with raspberry, chocolate covered cherries, leather, and rich oak are at the forefront of this onslaught. Combined with a wonderful buttery mouthfeel, this assembly creates an enjoyable and memorable sip.

Finish: The finish fully transitions to a darker flavor profile with leather, cigar, and dry oak as its focus. These notes linger well after the sip is gone, creating a dry aftertaste.


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