Tequila Cascahuin Reposado (40% abv)


Our Cascahuín Blanco product is selected blue webber tequilana agaves from the valleys area, it is part of our characteristic.

We use a masonry oven.

Extraction of juices through mills in this process we add water from our own well.

Fermentation We use natural yeasts from our yeast pie, in two types of fermenters, masonry and stainless steel.

Distillation We carry out a double distillation, the first in a stainless steel alembic with a copper coil and the second in a small 350 liter copper still with a copper coil.

Our tequila rests in spent American oak barrels used for tequila for more than 20 years, the maturation or rest time lasts from 6 to 8 months in the barrels.

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