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The Fledge & Company is what happens when two folk don’t quite enjoy the status quo, when it’s your nature to go against the grain, when you need to forge a path mostly in the unknown, eschewing common place convention and taking that first defiant flight from the nest.

Hand crafting old skool wines of integrity, unfaltering quality, defying perceptions of origin and being guided solely by the vine to showcase our passion – these are The Fledge & Co.’s reasons for being. Wines whispering of their origin; wines benefitting from careful cellaring; wines that are best decanted & accompanied in good cheer with fine fare – that’s our unwavering goal.

With these tenets, a penchant for the unconventional, the pursuit of the fluid dynamic, we set about labouring away in the vineyards across the Cape of Good Hope to craft with care a nest of fledglings.

70% Cinsault 20% Cabernet Franc 10% Alicante Bouschet

Born from Echalas “Stok-by-paaltjie” – Vines interplanted with the common “Veld versnit or field blend of yesteryear”. Single Harvest, co-fermented in lagar, traditionally vinified matured in old barrique & bottled unfined and unfiltered. Decant in the wines youth; Enjoy accompanied by rustic arm fare 7 much merriment or cellar for a time.


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