The Jrny 44 Canadian Whisky (44% abv)


The JRNY starts now. Created by Chris and Sean Pronger in collaboration with Niagara Falls Craft Distillers, this new school Canadian whisky celebrates the Pronger brothers’ one-of-a-kind journeys on and off the ice. Pick up a bottle, share some stories, and start your JRNY.

Rye grain from Saskatchewan. Naturally purified, limestone filtered water from the Niagara River. Three years in brand new, American white oak barrels. Enhanced in proprietary barrels to create an exceptionally smooth finish. The JRNY is born in Canada, and raised in glasses across North America.

100% Rye mashbill, double-barrel aged and bottled at 44% abv

Robust rye spice meets sippable smoothness. Strong notes of vanilla, subtle notes of cinnamon.


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