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Bowmore 1989 – 23 Year Old – Port Cask Matured ( 50.8% abv)

The Bowmore 23-Year-Old, has a worldwide distribution of less than 12,000 bottles. It was aged during its two decades plus long maturation exclusively in port casks. The bottling this rare Scotch is housed in is in turn itself hosted in a a deep-red hinged box that includes a a certificate handwritten by the Bowmore Distillery manager Eddie MacAffer.

J.P. Wiser’s 23YO Canadian Whisky (64.3% abv)

To celebrate our Master Blender’s twenty-third year at our distillery, we have crafted one of our first ever cask strength whisky blends. This warm medley of aged corn and rye distillates delivers an initial note of cherry and hot cinnamon, followed by a rich palate of oak, white pepper, and rye spices. A whisky that’s both bold and complex, this commemoration will never be recreated again.

Old Perth 23 Year Old 1994 (44.9% abv)

The Old Perth 23 years old 1994 is a 23 year old blended malt from a sherry barrel bottled by the independent bottler Morrison & MacKay. This blended malt consists of malts from whiskeys such as Highland Park, Macallan, Bunnahabhain, Tamdhu, Glenrothes. Blended as a new make spirit and aged in a sherry butt. Bottled in 2018 on cask strength (cask strength) of 44.9%, non-chill filtered and without the addition of colorants. This is a limited single cask release of 515 bottles.

Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 (40% abv)

Matusalem 23 Gran Reserva Rum is aged in a traditional solera system. Produced in Dominican Republic, the company’s history goes back to 1872. A rich and toasty rum that’s perfect for sipping by the fire on a cold evening.

Tobermory 23 Years Old “The Clans Edition” (57.9% abv)

The Tobermory 23 years is one of four bottles of our Clan Edition. Distillers were selected in the 4 best-known regions of Scotland (Highlands, Midlands, Speyside, Islay) and clan stories were researched for the regions. Those clan leaders adorn the respective label, which was also designed in the clan colors or the colors of the kilts. A tribute that demonstrates the Scots’ deep attachment to their country, their history and their independence.Bottled by Sansibar under “The Cans” label, this 23 year old Tobermory was filled in 1994 in to a PX Sherry seasoned cask. Bottled at 57.9%.