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Armagnac Castarede 1981

Mellow and well developed with dried plum and crystallised fruit flavours and a relatively long, sweet finish. This vintage is another great from Castarède.

Armagnac Castarede 2002 Vintage

The Castarède vintages won medals for more than 20 years in large international professional competitions.  Farmed according to tradition in hundred-year-old wine warehouses, the Castarède vintages from Armagnac can go back to 1893 !

Castarede 1970 Vintage Armagnac (40% abv)

Founded in 1832, the house is the oldest business still operating in the Armagnac. Under the guidance of the Castarède family six generations on, vintage and non-vintage Armagnacs are available, distilled primarily between 1900 – 2000 from throughout the Bas Armagnac region. This 1970 has aromas of vanilla, maple and dried fruits with a balanced and smooth mouthfeel.

Castarede Armagnac XO

By the rules, XO Armagnac must have at least 6 years in oak and 10 years old for the Hors d’Age. We massively over-deliver by ageing our Hors d’Age and XO a minimum of 20 years.

Saint Vivant VSOP

Even in todays cocktail centered world, a good brandy still spells out class. It is a subtle and warming spirit with bold nuances of flavor. The best way to savor its complexity is to first take a sip, swish it around in your mouth and swallow slowly. This smooth, versatile liquor is a worthy addition to your liquor cabinet, fit to enjoy on any occasion.