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Abuelo Centuria Rum (40% abv)

A rare rum blend made in Panama, Ron Abuelo Centuria is aged in Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels in the solera method. Some of the rums are as old as 30 years, and the flavour is astonishingly rich and punchy.

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Admiral Rodney Extra Old Saint Lucia Rum

Blended with an average age of 12 years and matured in American oak casks provides a bright amber colour, an inviting bouquet of ripe fruit, sweet raisins, and toasted oak. Full and complex on the palate with concentrated flavours of creamy caramel, vanilla, spice and chocolate with a harmonious long finish.

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Angostura 15 Year Old “1787” Rum (40% abv)

The House of Angostura has announced the launch of a new, super-premium, 15 year-old aged rum: Angostura 1787 An exquisite sipping rum, Angostura 1787 is beautifully balanced, with a medium-bodied palate, and a sweet bouquet of banana, dried fruit and oak with top notes of apples. Its taste carries a hint of dried prunes and sweet rounded oak notes entwined with toffee nuances, with a long, crisp finish.

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Brugal 1888 Ron Gran Reserva Familiar (40% abv)

This Gran Reserva was twice distilled and aged in American oak before a finish in Spanish oak sherry casks. A delicious dark rum from the Dominican Republic.

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Bumbu Rum

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The flavours inspired by one of the oldest mixed rum drinks in the world Bombo, originates from an 18th century Pirate recipe when Rum was mixed with sugar and spices. It was also known as Bumboo or Bumbo! A blend of golden rum with caramel, spices and fruit.

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Bumbu XO (40% abv)

The small-batch rum, called Bumbu XO, has been finished in white oak Sherry barrels from Andalusia, Spain. Bumbu XO is distilled and aged at a 120-year-old Panamanian distillery, and uses local sugarcane and pure spring water. The 40% abv expression has aromas of toffee, toasted oak and vanilla, while the palate has hints of orange zest, peppery spice and coffee. The new offering is packaged in a paperless glass bottle, with a matte black finish, silver and white details and a tarnished silver ‘X’.

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Cadenhead Classic Rum (50% abv)

From one of the oldest independent bottlers in Scotland,W.M. Cadenhead also bottle delicious rums, too. This is their Classic Rum, made with spirits from the Caribbean. Plenty of rich fruit and tobacco notes, with touches of almond and chewy toffee. Delicious!

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Deadhead Rum

The top-end aged variant from Deadhead, putting their six-year-old rum in a bottle that resembles a shrunken head, or tsantsa, taken as a trophy from fallen foes by Amazonian tribes.

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Dictador 2 Masters Glenfarclas 1972 (45% abv)

A 45-year-old Dictador Rum from a 1972 single vintage cask finished in fine port casks and then shipped to Glenfarclas in Scotland, where it further spent 7 months in a Glenfarclas 2002 third-fill Jerez Sherry cask. Bottled at 45% ABV.


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Dictador 20 Year Old Rum (40% abv)

Aged in a Solera system for between 14 and 24 years, this delicious Colombian rum was made by the Dictador company. It is brought down to bottling strength with demineralised water slowly – drop by drop – over a period of 28 days.

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Dictador XO Insolent Rum (40% abv)

In the northern part of South America is Colombia, a country in which sugar cane flourishes in the best possible. Only from selected sugar cane rums are produced in a variety of traditional production methods. In selected oak casks these rums are stored for a long time, until they have completed their maturation and develop their character. Thereafter different rums are harmoniously combined into a blended rum, which has an excellent flavor. It is the Dictador Solera XO Insolent.


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Facundo Eximo 10 Year Old Rum (40% abv)

Introducing the Facundo range, a collection of Bacardi”s finest rums to date. These remarkable rums have been perfected by Bacardi”s master distillers, capturing 150 years of traditional craft Rum making. Eximo is characterised by a smooth, rich finish with notes of walnut and dark chocolate. The opulent flavour is the result of the extraordinary combination of craftsmanship and time, every drop is blended then matured in oak casks for a least a decade.

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