Collazzi Otto Muri Toscana


Wine of intense color due to its permanence on the lees until spring. Fruity aroma and vivid flavor reminiscent of toasted hazelnuts. Excellent attitude to aging in bottle where it develops complex notes.

The desire to produce a great white wine was in the air for many years. After careful testing, we have identified the Fiano variety as the most interesting among the many varieties that are grown in Tuscany, and our vineyard has given surprising qualities since the very beginning. The name “Otto Muri” recalls the eight terraces and walls that used to form this plot of land. The freshest soil parcel is dedicated to the Fiano cultivation. In summer, a strong day/night temperature excursion confers a greater aromatic depth, capable of saving a fresh tasting and olfactory perfume. The harvest is manual, and the grapes fermented in both vats and barrels at controlled temperature.

The vinification, conducted with the usual care and attention, allows to obtain an extremely elegant, long-lasting and thick wine. Aged for several months on the lees, it acquires a more intense color with wonderful hues that range from yellow to green, and an incomparable complexity. Its elegance and its power make it an exceptional wine.


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