Petrolo Torrione Toscana 2021


We at Petrolo, vine-growers in the Vald’Arno di Sopra, disciples of Nepo da Galatrona, by tradition, culture and education Heraclitian, Dyonysian-Epicurean-Lucretian, Hermetic-Fician, Leonardesque neo-Platonic and Giorgionesque neo-Aristotelian, romantics and revolutionaries, we believe that God is in all things, and that the earth itself is God; and that everything is fertile, vital, wet, crackling, lush. And that man is joined to heaven by means of his divine element and is in all things and all places occupying the core of the ramified and highly complex configuration of animal and vegetable beings: the heart of that infinite affinity of all things which is the Universe-World.

A wine cherished by Petrolo, wanted by Lucia Bazzocchi Sanjust in 1988 and made at the time with the help of former wine consultant Giulio Gambelli. Torrione marks the beginning of the winery’s new approach to winemaking aiming to produce wines of the highest quality.

Torrione is the “chateau” of Petrolo, a blend of the grapes of all the vineyards of Petrolo: not only Sangiovese from Bòggina but also from other historical vineyards of Petrolo, including Merlot from Galatrona and Cabernet Sauvignon from Campo Lusso. A perfect example of a balanced, clear and deep red. A wine that tells, better than any other, the true identity of our territory.

80% Sangiovese 15% Merlot 5% Cab Sauv

Inviting aromas of dark and blue fruits together with subtle notes of chocolate and spices with hints of blue flowers and crushed stones. Medium- to full-bodied, complex and structured, but ethereal and weightless at the same time. That’s where generosity meets delicacy. It’s fluid, dynamic and so drinkable now.
95 Points James Suckling


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