Poderi Colla Bonme Vermouth


A treat for fans of sweet and flavoured wines: from the family recipe is Vermouth in its original formulation made from 100% muscat grape must. Surprising pairings.

Historically called Moscato all’Assenzio, today it can be classified as Vermouth. This wine, Vermouth in general, originated from the rural need to take medicinal herbs. Wild herbs have a bitter taste and Moscato, available in every farmhouse, was used to mask their intense flavour. Refrigerators were not available in the 1800s, therefore they needed to preserve this tonic with an alcoholic solution: this is how Vermouth was born.

Tasting notes: Perfect as an aperitif and at the end of a meal with dry pastries and bitter chocolate desserts, it is surprisingly pleasant with strong, spicy cheeses (such as natural Gorgonzola) or cheeses seasoned with herbs and spices.


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