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Hetszolo Tokaji Sweet Szamorodni

This sweet wine has an extraordinary balance between sweetness (96 grams of residual sugar) and acidity (6.4 grams). It has intense aromas of ripe tropical fruits, elderflower, and apricot. That would be just enough to make this wine very good, but there is much more behind it. The grapes—which are a mixture of botrytized and healthy bunches—come from the Nagyszőlő and Hétszőlő vineyards. The Hétszőlő vineyard dates back to 1502, when it was created by the Garai family who unified the best seven (hét) vineyards (szőlő) from the southernmost slope of the Tokaj Hill. The Hétszőlő vineyard was, and still is, recognized as one of the area’s best because its loess-based soil produces aromatic and softer wines. Enjoy this wine with rich cheese, paté, or ricotta-based desserts.

Weninger Ponzichter

A beautiful symbiosis of Pinot Noir and Zweigelt grapes – the kind of red wine Franz’s grandparents and friends would drink on a communal family dinner table back in the day – sitting amongst the vines and enjoying life. This is a fun, and wonderfully joyful table wine – in the best sense. Ponzichter is the old nickname for German speaking winemakers in West Hungary (the old name for Burgenland) who would plant beans between the vines and as such where nicknamed ‘BeanGrowers’ by their fellow Hungarian companions. Back to The Future — Franz Weninger style.

Zsirai Olaszrizling

Full bodied, complex are the expressions to best characterize this wine. Keeping on the lees gives an extra layer to the palate. Really nice profile of primer and secunder aromas with long finish.