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Arte Mezcal

Once per year, Los Danzantes bottles a single rare and magnificent species of agave as a special edition known as Arte Mezcal, packaged in a gift box designed by a different modern Mexican artist for each edition, and containing beautiful and authentic keepsake pieces chosen to pair with the mezcal itself. We’re very fortunate to get a small allocation of this very special product.

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Lágrimas de Dolores Mezcal Añejo (40.5% abv)

A slightly higher-strength bottling of Lagrimas De Dolores’ Mezcal Anejo, which spends a year in oak casks before being bottled. Herbaceous smoke, with light touches of toasty wood and caramel.

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Lágrimas de Dolores Mezcal Castilla Joven (47% abv)

This Mezcal from Lagrimas De Dolores is allowed to age for a year in white oak casks before being bottled, which compliments the smoky notes of the spirit.

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Mezcal Jaral De Berrio

Jaral de Berrio Mezcal is made using 100% Salmiana agave using traditional methods. The Salmiana species is native to central and southern Mexico. A surprisingly sweet nose develops vegetal notes of roasted agave, red pepper and pine on the palate, before a long finish of cracked black pepper and caramel.

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Mezcal Union

Mezcal Unión Uno is a silver mezcal distilled from 2 types of agave: espadin and cirial. It’s produced by a group of mezcal families and Master Mezcalero Pedro Hernandez in San Baltazar, Oaxaca. It’s bottled at 38% abv.

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Montelobos Mezcal (43.2 abv)

Montelobos is an organic mezcal from Oaxaca. Produced using agave espadin, it is complex with a delightfully smoky note.

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Sombra Mezcal

After growing 4 to 12 years, agave plants are harvested and the pinas (agave hearts) are baked for two days in rock-lined pits over hot rocks, heated by intense oak fire.

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