Rocche Dei Manzoni Barolo 2018


In 1974, Valentino Migliorini, who, along with his wife, was already the owner and promoter of a Michelin-starred restaurant, decided to buy a farmhouse in Monforte d’Alba in the Langhe. Working with the strength of his winemaking experience and his innate ability to stay ahead of the times, in 1976, Valentino created the first Langhe blended wine: Bricco Manzoni, a blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes. But he decided to go even further and, a couple of years later, in 1978, he began producing sparkling wine using the traditional method and introduced the use of small oak barrels for the aging of red wines. Migliorini was the first to import the small oak barrels to the Langhe, and in a short time these numbered 300 units.

By 1982 the small oak barrels were used for all vinification and, in 1999, the first 10-year reserve Barolo was produced. Experimentation has marked the entire production of Rocche dei Manzoni and, together with attention to detail, it has led the winery to become a great interpreter of Piedmontese red wines and opened the way for the traditional method of sparkling wine production in the Langhe. It would take other producers more than thirty years to try their hand at sparkling wine production.

The winery’s 50 hectares are mainly planted with vines of Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo and Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes for producing sparkling wine according to the traditional method. The vineyards are all located within the municipality of Monforte and were purchased in the 1970s. The average age of the plants is 35 years. The average altitude is 350 meters above sea level and the Guyot vine training system is used for cultivation. Although the working methods in the vineyard and the production philosophy employed always remains the same, the different composition of the subsoil in the various areas yield wines that can differ greatly from vineyard to another.

Monforte’s microclimate is characterized by the high altitude of its hills. Each vineyard has its own configuration and a well-defined character, but the course of these slopes creates channels that convey the air and help the vine grow in a healthy and vigorous manner.


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