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Chichibu The Peated 2010 Bottled 2013 (53.5% abv)

The second release of peated whisky from Ichiro Akuto’s Chichibu distillery. Distilled in 2010 from heavily peated, 59.6pmm malt, it’s bottled at a higher strength than the first batch, giving a bolder and more intensely smoky flavour, with spice and sweetness.

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Chichibu The Peated 2011 Bottled 2015 (62.5% abv)

Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu ‘The Peated’ 2015 Cask Strength. A 3 year old heavily peated whisky from Japan, this is as interesting as it is unusual. Bottled at 62.5% this whisky has a fantastic nose full of smoke and vanilla, and those elements hold up on the palate too. It’s packs an ingenious range of flavours with smoke and citrus and a great malt backbone. This is a fantastic whisky worthy of any collection.

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Hakushu Bourbon Barrel (48.2% abv)

This Hakushu whisky was aged entirely in first fill bourbon barrels. Being non-chill filtered, it has resulted in a great deal of creamy sweetness. This whisky was distilled at Hakushu distillery surrounded by forest at the foot of the Southern Japan Alps – beautiful!

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Kura The Whisky (40% abv)

The Helios distillery in Okinawa Japan may be more well-known for producing rums and awamori, but they been known to dip their toe in the world of whisky. Kura The Whisky is a blended malt produced by Helios and bottled at 40% ABV. Nice Whisky!
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Mars Shinshu Iwai Whisky

Kiichiro Iwai, the name sake for this Mars Whisky, was a silent pioneer of Japan whisky. This whisky is inspired by great whiskies of America. A majority of corn balanced with light malt aged in ex bourbon barrels. Ideal for daily sipping, in a mint julep or an old fashioned.
TASTING NOTES: Sweet with fruit flavors like pear, quince and hints of red fruits and vanilla.

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Nikka ‘Miyagikyo’ 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky (45% abv)

The most refined and least peaty of Nikka’s single malts comes from the Miyagikyo distillery in the north of Honshu island. Its whisky, also known as Sendai for export, rivals single malts from Speyside with this superb-tasting 10 year old.

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Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky (45% abv)

A release of grain whisky from Japan’s Nikka, produced mainly from corn using one of their continuous Coffey stills. Rather than the rare and limited releases they have done before, this is a larger release to further show off this key component in the Nikka family of whiskies.

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Nikka Coffey Malt (45% abv)

The originality of this 100% malt expression lies in its unique distillation method. Malted barley is distilled in a “Coffey still”, a traditional continuous still which is normally used to produce grain whisky. Discover this whisky’s extraordinary texture, which Nikka has specially developed for whisky aficionados.

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Nikka Miyagikyo 12 Yr Old Single Malt (40% abv)

Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt 12 Year Old is a soft, fragrant single malt whisky, created from steam heat distillation at the famous Nikka Miyagikyo distillery in Japan. Being full-bodied, fruity and complex, with some sherry character, hints of toffee, and some polished malt, this is a deservedly popular choice.

This whisky is distinguished by the harmony of aroma of aged casks with sweet hints of vanilla and gentle peat. The soft taste is elegantly deepened by a sweet and tangy fruitiness.

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Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt (45% abv)

Miyagikyo distillery forms a crucial part of the Nikka company stable. Established by founder Masataka Taketsuru and his adoptive son Takeshi. The story goes that the location for the distillery was finalised after Taketsuru sat down by the Nikkawa (Nikka River) and scooped up a glass of the running water. He mixed this water in a 2 to 1 ratio with Nikka Black whisky to make a mizuwari – whisky with water. Taketsuru found that the water worked perfectly with whisky, and therefore would produce good spirit.

The distillery opened in 1968, finally giving Taketsuru the opportunity to achieve his dream of creating a blended whisky that rivalled that found in Scotland.


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Nikka Super (43% abv )

One of Nikka’s classic brands, the Super Nikka was introduced to the market in 1962. Its luxuriant aroma, gentle hints of peat and scent of vanilla and chocolate are all in harmony, and its flavor is smooth, rounded and well-balanced.

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Nikka Tsuru 17 Year Old – Decanter (43% abv)

The ‘Father of Japanese Whisky’ Masataka Taketsuru died in 1979 having changed the industry indelibly. One of the very last expressions he personally worked on was the Tsuru 17 year old blend. Whilst you might think that the bottle name derives from Masataka’s name, it actually has its own meaning, that of ‘Crane’ in Japanese.

The Tsuru 17 year old is a blend from Nikka. It’s constituent parts will therefore be drawn from Nikka’s two distilleries of Miyagikyo and Yoichi as well as a grain element to complete the blend. It has now been discontinued, but was available in two forms – a heavy ships decanter and a fancy looking ceramic urn.

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